Silver Fingerprint Powder

Silver Fingerprint Powder

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Application Purpose

 Used to develop the fingerprint on non permeable and smooth objects, and suitable for dark  color objects, used for horizontal  plane objects.

 In general, fingerprints are mixed by oil and sweat. Fingerprint powder has better performance on the fingerprint with rich oil, meanwhile cyanoacrylate fuming has better performance on fingerprint with rich sweat.


Product introduction

Silver fingerprint powder is made of aluminum powder with flake in micro morphology, which has larger specific surface area, stronger adhesion and better display effect.

Method of usage

1. The silver fingerprint powder has a strong flying characteristics, so wearing mask is important to prevent inhalation of excessive powder.

2. Dip a small amount of powder with a chinchilla brush, put the brush into bottle cap, and repeatedly rotate to make the powder evenly distributed on the brush. Stand the gerbil brush upside down and flick the brush rod with your hand to shake off the extra powder.

3. Brush the fingerprint by fingerprint ridge orientation until the silver fingerprint appears.

4. The silver fingerprint powder has strong adhesion and can be repeatedly brushed to remove the powder in the furrow meanwhile the powder on the line is not easy to be removed.



30ml bottle

480ml bottle