SavlationDATA DCK 2-Pro

SavlationDATA DCK 2-Pro

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*All configurations of DCK 2 basic are included, and get more upgrades listed below

*Better user interface – 10’’ LED touch screen

*Additional interfaces

Read-only - SATA *1, USB3.0 *1, PCI-E SSD *1

Read & write - SATA *1, USB3.0 *2

*Extra 30 GB/Min transmission speed for single process

*Remote mode – Additional working mode which allows DCK 2-PRO to remotely mount iSCSI, CIFS devices.

*HASH boost – Physical level HASH calculation boost, effectively increasing calculation speed

*File search – High speed file search and preview supporting multiple formats

*File duplication – On-site file duplication solution, support to filter by file extensions