OTK-4000 Inspection Toolkit

OTK-4000 Inspection Toolkit

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The Inspection Toolkit contains selected tools for verifying the existence of threatening electronic surveillance devices.

Included tools:

  • Borescope with built-in light and right-angle viewing for inspection inside walls, furniture, etc.
  • Wire tracing system to trace miscellaneous cables
  • Fluke multimeter for testing miscellaneous cables and electronic devices
  • Combination stud finder and metal detector for non-destructive evaluation
  • Hammer to evaluate the stability of a junction under the physical vibration
  • Ultraviolet light and marking pen
  • Multi-purpose geared screwdriver
  • Miscellaneous tools including pliers, wire cutters, Leatherman™ multi-purpose tool, inspection mirrors, measuring tape, flashlight, drill bits for walls

Note: some tool models may change due to availability.