LABview BV900 Evidence Viewing System

LABview BV900 Evidence Viewing System

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LABview BV900 by Attestor Forensics is the perfect tool for the fast and efficient examination and documentation of  evidence such as body fluids, gunshot residue, fibres and fingerprints in the laboratory. Other types of evidence like other body fluids and chemically developed evidence like Ninhydrin, DFO and IND treated fingerprints, or other fluorescent materials can also be examined using the customizable motorized filter wheel and modular light source system.

With a powerful 10 MPix camera, sensitive up to near IR, the system can be used for screening blood stain or gunshot residue evidence. Integrated 850nm IR illumination means no extra IR light source is needed.

 LABview’s residual light amplifier boosted camera also enhances visibility of Luminol and derivatives, reducing the amount of developer needed and preserving evidence.

 Key Features

 VIS & IR-Sensitive Colour Camera up to 10 MPix resolution

  • Auto focus and manual focus options Image Processing
  • Integrated 10“ touch screen controller with interfaces to external monitor, mouse, keyboard or USB pen drives
  • High-Grade Residual Light Amplifier , Llight amplification up to x 70.000
  • Optical filter for enhancement of Luminol contrast Versatility & Expansion
  • Separate modular light sources (LIGHTcube) expand applications to more types of evidence and material examination