GenoProof Mixture 3  DNA  Mixture Profile Analysis System

GenoProof Mixture 3 DNA Mixture Profile Analysis System

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GenoProof Mixture 3 is an expert system for interpretation of complex DNA mixtures. The implementation of a fully continuous model enables the usage of all available profile information and increases the analysis capabilities of thesoftware strongly.

 It covers the whole analytic workflow, starting from profile analysis to biostatistic calculations with established methods (including probabilistic genotyping models) and the deconvolution of genotypes of a mixture.

 Key features

 Various tools for evaluation and visualization of results of STR analysis     

  • Simple and fast import of sequencer data (fsa/hid)   
  • Easy import and management of population data for STR marker   
  • Import and management of test kit information   
  • Wide range of methods for biostatistical interpretation of DNA mixtures (considering current guidelines and recommendations)  
  • Likelihood ratio (binary, semi continuous and fully continuous)  
    • RMNE  
    • RMP  
    • Probability of Identity  
  • Logically structured cases  
  • Separation of DNA stains with weighting of the most probable genotypes for all possible components   
  • Export of results in various formats for further processing of the results   
  • Option to create individual result reports or use pre-configured report templates