DeHao VF10 Video Microscope Questioned Document Examination

DeHao VF10 Video Microscope Questioned Document Examination

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Device Specifications

Evidence Stage (400mm×310mm)

LED White and blue (440-460 nm)

Coaxial light source Z-axis controller (micron-sized) Objective (×10)

10 megapixel high-performance digital camera

32 inch 4K monitor and computer system

Changeable Zoom module: (0.7~4.5)

System magnification: 100x ~3400x

FOV:9.6mm×6.4mm (100x); 0.3mm×0.2mm (3400x)

Made in Denmark



DeHao VF10 VIDEO Microscope Hardware

  • Digital camera,10 Mpixel USB3.0 camera with 2/3' sensor, up to 15FPS in full resolution.
  • Manual high quality 6x Zoom microscope, optical zoom range 0.7-4.5x. Includes various adapters for mounting directly on stands.
  • Z-stage for macro stands. 50mm movement.
  • Standalone focus controller with Ergonomic focus control for both left and righthanded, "Manual control" and position read out. Works with Prior, DeltaPix Z-focus motors. OLED Display for Z-position read out.
  • Base plate system of Alu-base plate + Acrylic documentplate + 2x support blocks + Fine adjustment XY-stage.
  • Coaxial light source, used for the Sequence Forensic - Stamp First OR Printing First,Stamp after printing, usually, under the coaxial light, golden shine will be observed. Also very sensitive to identify the secondary printing of laser printing document.
  • Blue light source440-460nm, used for the Sequence Forensic - Stamp First OR Printing First, usually the stamp ink will generate fluorescence and could be observed by VF10
  • White Light Source, for normal magnification observation such as the accumulation morphology and distribution characteristics of toner particles of laser printing documents.
  • White transmission light source, used for identify if the holes of the toners on the documents are through holes.  


DeHao VF10 VIDEO Microscope Software

  • Software control on electrical and mechanical component with each one fully

including camera, zoom optics.

  • 3D-imaging capture, Image Extension, Depth Extension, Exposure Extension, etc.
  • Length, angles and square measurement with annotation support
  • View and comparison of multiple images under the same display
  • Digital scale bar operation in real-time image and static image
  • One-year free software update



  • Cables to connect all modules to PC.
  • Adapter set for VF10, plates for focus motor mount and cable attachments.
  • Paper Weight
  • Power supply adapter
  • Software Installation USB stick
  • User Manual & Quick Guide



  • Intel Core i7 processor or equivalent
  • 500GB SSD or equivalent (SSD highly preferred)
  • 16GB RAM or higher
  • Individual Graphic Card of multiple outputs (with a minimum 2GB RAM)
  • 32” inch Flat Panel 4k Monitor